Climate Change and Multi-Dimensional Sustainability in African Agriculture

Climate Change and Sustainability in Agriculture
 Previously published in hardcover
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Previously published in hardcover
Rattan Lal
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Foreword; Mary Hobbs Foreword; Steve Slack Foreword; J. Mark Erbaugh Preface; Rattan Lal Section I. Multi-Dimensional Sustainability 1. Environmental Sustainability; Rattan Lal 2. Economic Sustainability; David Kraybill 3. Institutional Sustainability in the Face of Climate Change: Empirical Insights from Irrigation Institutions in Iringa Rural District, Tanzania; George C. Kajembe, Pål Vedeld, Innocent H. Babili, Dos Santos Silayo, and Devotha B. Mosha 4. Climate Change and Social Sustainability: A Case for Polycentric Sustainabilities; Louise Fortmann, Abraham Ndhlovu, Allyc Ndlovu, Rosina Philippe Atakapa-Ishak, Crystlyn Rodrigue and Ken Wilson Section II. Sustainable Management of Natural Resources 5. Land degradation neutrality: Will Africa achieve it? Institutional solutions to land degradation and restoration in Africa; Luc Gnacadja and Liesl Wiese 6. Extent of salt affected soils and their effects in irrigated and lowland rain-fed rice growing areas of South Western Tanzania; S. Kashenge-Killenga, J. Meliyo, G. Urassa, and V. Kongo 7. Sustainability of intensification in smallholder maize production in Tanzania; Frank Brentrup, Joachim Lammel, Katharina Plassmann, and Dirk Schroeder 8. Potentials for Rehabilitating Degraded Land in Tanzania; G.Z. Nyamoga, B. Solberg, H. Sjølie, Y.M. Ngaga and R. Malimbwi 9. Economic aspects of genetic resources in addressing agricultural productivity in the context of climate change; Charles Nhemachena, Greenwell Matchaya, Sibusiso Nhlengethwa, Charity R Nhemachena 10. Soil and nutrient losses and the role of gender in land degradation in Southwestern Uganda; CL. Kizza, J.G.M. Majaliwa, R. Kunihira, G. Gabiri, A. Zizinga, E. Sebuliba, J. Nampijja, and M.M. Tenywa 11. The social dimension of water management in an era of increasing water scarcity; Zebedayo S.K. Mvena Section III. Integrated Management of Natural Resources and Value Chains 12. Managing Landscapes for Environmental Sustainability; Rattan Lal 13. Economic Impact of Drip Irrigation regimes on Sorghum production in Semi Arid Areas of Tanzania; A.J. Mahinda, C.K.K. Gachene and M. Kilasara 14. Social Aspects of Water Governance in the Context of Climate Change and Agriculture; Richard Asaba Bagonza 15. Assessment of Climate Change Impacts on Common Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris Savi, L.) Production in Tanzania; Sixbert Kajumula Mourice, Siza Donald Tumbo and Cornell Lawrence Rweyemamu 16. Institutional water resources management and livelihood adaptation A case from Kilombero rural areas, Tanzania; Paul Vedeld Edgar Liheluka, Gimbage E. Mbeyale 17. Institutional aspects of genetic resources in respect of climate change in Sub-Saharan Africa; Denis T. Kyetere, Kayode Abiola Sanni 18. Crop adaptation to climate change in SSA: the role of genetic resources and seed systems; Ola Westengen and Trygve Berg 19. Updating legacy soil maps for climate resilient agriculture: A case of Kilombero Valley, Tanzania; Boniface H J Massawe, Brian K Slater, Sakthi K Subburayalu, Abel K Kaaya, Leigh Winowiecki 20. Measuring Agricultural Sustainability in Agroforestry Systems; P.K. Ramachandran Nair and Gregory G. Toth 21. Experiences with adopting the Catchment Approach in Sustainable Land Management: The case of Kagera TAMP Tanzania; Fidelis Kaihura and Stefan Schlingloff 22. Sustainable intensification in mixed crop-livestock agro-ecosystems in the face of climate change: The case for landscapes in Tanzania; F. Kizito; M. Bekunda; J. Kihara;A. Kimaro 23. Smart strategies for enhanced agricultural resilience and food security under a changing climate in sub-Saharan Africa; Kennedy Were, Aweke Mulualem Gelaw, Bal Ram Singh Section IV. Outreach and Extension 24. Globalizing Environmental Susainabiltiy:"2015International Year of Soil" Transitioning to "2015-2024 International Decade of Soil"; Rattan Lal 25. From Ujamaa to Big Results Now: Sustainable Transformation of Tanzanian Agriculture in the Frame of Climate Change; Ruth Haug Section V. Private S
This 35-chapter book is based on several oral and poster presentations including both invited and contributory chapters. The book is thematically based on four pillars of sustainability, with focus on sub-Saharan Africa (SSA): Environment, Economic, Social and Institutional. The environmental sustainability, which determines economic and social/institutional sustainability, refers to the rate of use of natural resources (soil, water, landscape, vegetation) which can be continued indefinitely without degrading their quality, productivity and ecosystem services for different ecoregions of SSA. This book will help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals of the U.N. in SSA. Therefore, the book is of interest to agriculturalists, economists, social scientists, policy makers, extension agents, and development/bilateral organizations. Basic principles explained in the book can be pertinent to all development organizations.

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