Cancer Epidemiology Among Asian Americans

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Daniel O. Stram
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Provides latest research on cancer incidence and mortality patterns in Asian AmericansExplores epidemiology of specific cancer sites including lung, colorectal, breast, prostate, liver, and more Identifies behavioral, lifestyle, screening, and other factors that are important to cancer etiology
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Resources and Methods for studying cancer in Asian AmericansChapter 2 Cancer Incidence and Mortality Patterns among Chinese Americans

Chapter 3 Cancer Incidence and Mortality among Filipinos in the United States and the Philippines:  Patterns and Trends

Chapter 4 Cancer Screening Among Asian Americans

Chapter 5 Lung Cancer in Asian Americans

Chapter 6 Colorectal Cancer among Asian Americans

Chapter 7 Prostate Cancer in Asian Americans

Chapter 8 Breast Cancer among Asian Americans

Chapter 9 Endometrial Cancer among Asian Americans

Chapter 10 Liver Cancer in Asian Americans

Chapter 11 Gastric Cancer in Asian Americans

Chapter 12 Cervical Cancer in Asian Americans
Cancer Epidemiology in Asian Americans is a comprehensive volume that provides the most current research on cancer etiology within this fast growing population sub-group in the United States. The book explores epidemiologic methods that are typically used in migrant studies, providing descriptive epidemiology of cancer patterns separately in Chinese, Japanese, Filipino and other Asian ethnic groups including Asian Indians, Koreans, Vietnamese, and other Southeast Asians. A major focus of the volume provides reviews of analytic risk factors for specific cancer sites including lung, colorectal, prostate, breast, liver and more. These chapters aim to explain the increases or decreases in incidence rates of various cancers upon migration, paying attention to changing risk factor prevalence, the importance of timing of exposures, and other co-factors important in the etiology of these cancers. Genetic determinants and gene-environment relationships associated with specific cancers are also discussed.. This first of its kind volume that is devoted to studies of cancer in Asian Americans provides a foundation to better understanding of environmental and lifestyle causes of cancer in this group, identifying gaps in our knowledge, and potential strategies for prevention.

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