Global Shocks

An Investment Guide for Turbulent Markets
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Nicholas P. Sargen
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The book broadens investors' skills in analyzing financial markets and providing a blueprint for investing when markets are in turmoilIt also provides context and lessons for those who have limited experience with bear markets to enable them to cope with future onesIt encapsulates key developments that shaped the international financial system for readers who are interested in how the current system evolved
Preface1. Overview: A Framework for  Investing During Currency Crises and Asset BubblesPart I:  Investment Challenges in a High Inflation Era2. Bretton Woods' Collapse Alters the World of Investing3. Oil Shocks Generate Massive Payments Imbalances4. Anti-Inflation Policies: Intended and Unintended Consequences 5. Policy Coordination Gives Way to Conflict and Turmoil6. Speculators Attack the Concept of European Monetary Union  Part II:  Easy Credit Breeds Asset Bubbles and Instability 7. Japan's Bubble Culminates in Two Decades of Deflation8. Asia's Real Estate Boom Spawns Global Contagion9. The Tech Bubble: Some Lessons for Rational Investors10. The Global Financial Crisis: No Place for Investors to Hide11. China's Economic Miracle: Is It the Next Bubble?12. Conclusion: Guidelines for Investing During Crises
This book, which is written from a practitioner's perspective, fills the void by providing the reader with a toolkit and guiding principles to manage money when markets are in turmoil. It features ten case studies beginning with the breakdown of the Bretton Woods fixed exchange rate system through the current situation in which investors are assessing whether China could become the next bubble. Each chapter discusses how the respective crisis or bubble unfolded at the time, the way policymakers and markets responded, and the optimal strategy for positioning portfolios.

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