Dynamic and Seamless Integration of Production, Logistics and Traffic

Fundamentals of Interdisciplinary Decision Support
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Eberhard Abele
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Offers a holistic overview of the interdisciplinary effects of decision-making
Introduction to interdisciplinary research in production, logistics and traffic.- Challenges of interdisciplinary decision making.- An integrated framework of production, logistics and traffic: the Interdisciplinary Decision Map (IDM).- Integrated simulation and the Interdisciplinary Decision Navigator (IDN).- Handling heterogeneity in interdisciplinary projects.- Flexible design of production systems.- Development of a toolbox system for modelling and simulation of production networks.- Revenue sharing as an incentive for increased information disclosure in outsourcing relationships.- Multi-tier supply chain risk management in the automotive industry.- Estimation of the potential for a temporal shift of heavy traffic.- Fundamentals of freight transport demand management.- A concept for modelling freight transport within supply networks in the automotive industry.- Selection of transportation options in dependance of the quality of offerings.- Using event based mediators to facilitate real-time communication across company borders
This book contributes a basic framework for and specific insights into interdisciplinary connections between production, logistics, and traffic subsystems. The book is divided into two parts, the first of which presents an overview of interdisciplinarity in value-added networks and freight traffic. This includes an introduction to the topic and a description of an integrated framework of production, logistics, and traffic. Furthermore, it describes the barriers and challenges of interdisciplinary decision-making and project management. In turn, the second part presents domain-specific perspectives on interdisciplinary decision support, exploring domain-specific challenges of interdisciplinary interfaces and requirements for management methods and instruments from the standpoint of production management, logistics management, traffic management, and information technologies.

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