Boundaries, Extents and Circulations

Space and Spatiality in Early Modern Natural Philosophy
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Jonathan Regier
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Opens up understanding of what space and spatiality could be and can be, and presents early modern space as a concept of enormous flexibility and centrality
1. Jonathan Regier and Koen Vermeir, Boundaries, Extents and Circulations, Spatiality and the Early Modern Concept of Space. An introduction.- 2. Roger Ariew, Leibniz and the Petrifying Virtue of the Place.- 3. Vincenzo de Risi, Francesco Patrizi and the New Geometry of Space.- 4. Jean Seidengart, The Inception of the Concept of Infinite Physical Space in the Time of Copernicus and Giordano Bruno.- 5. Delphine Bellis, The Perception of Spatial Depth in Kepler's and Descartes' Optics.- 6. Mihnea Dobre, Experimental Cartesianism and the Problem of Space.- 7. Thibaut Maus de Rolley, Putting the Devil on the Map: Demonology and Cosmography in the Renaissance.- 8. Alessandro Scafi, All Space Will Pass Away: The Spiritual, Spaceless and Incorporeal Heaven of Valentin Weigel (1533-1588).- 9. Dana Jalobeanu, Francis Bacon's Experimental Construction of "Space".- 10. Luc Peterschmitt, The Circulating Structure of Space in the 17th century Chemical Tradition.
This volume is an important re-evaluation of space and spatiality in the late Renaissance and early modern period. History of science has generally reduced sixteenth and seventeenth century space to a few canonical forms. This volume gives a much needed antidote. The contributing chapters examine the period's staggering richness of spatiality: the geometrical, geographical, perceptual and elemental conceptualizations of space that abounded. The goal is to begin to reconstruct the amalgam of "spaces" which co-existed and cross-fertilized in the period's many disciplines and visions of nature. Our volume will be a valuable resource for historians of science, philosophy and art, and for cultural and literary theorists.

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