Knowledge, Creativity and Failure

A New Pedagogical Framework for Creative Arts
 Previously published in hardcover
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Previously published in hardcover
Chris Hay
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210x148x9 mm
Creativity, Education and the Arts

Chapter 1. Introduction.- Chapter 2. Knowers and Knowledge.- Chapter 3. Code Clashes and Shifts.- Chapter 4. Falling Short.- Chapter 5. Conclusion.
This book offers a new framework for the analysis of teaching and learning in the creative arts. It provides teachers with a vocabulary to describe what they teach and how they do this within the creative arts. Teaching and learning in this field, with its focus on the personal characteristics of the student and its insistence on intangible qualities like talent and creativity, has long resisted traditional models of pedagogy. In the brave new world of high-stakes assessment and examination-driven outcomes across the education system, this resistance has proven to be a severe weakness and driven creative arts teachers further into the margins. Instead of accepting this relegation teachers of creative arts must set out to capture the distinctiveness of their pedagogy. This book will allow teachers to transcend the opaque metaphors that proliferate in the creative arts, and instead to argue for the robustness and rigour of their practice.

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