The Obama Presidency and the Politics of Change

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Edward Ashbee
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Offers rigorous and timely appraisal of the Obama presidency, combining broad commentaries and case studiesContributes to debates about the character of political and economic changeConsiders foreign and domestic policy and situates Obama within debates about the capacities and character of the US presidencyBuilds upon and develops studies of the US political process with contributions by experienced specialists from the US and abroad
Tables and FiguresNote1. Edward Ashbee and John Dumbrell: Introduction - The Politics of Change2. Philip J Davies: Obama's Electoral Record: The Emerging Democratic Majority?3. David Morgan: Obama and Congress: Change in an Age of Deadlock? 4. Helen J. Knowles, Steven B. Lichtman, Brandon T. Metroka: The US Supreme Court in the Obama Years5. Camille Marienbach and Andrew Wroe: Continuity and Change: Immigration Worksite Enforcement during the Bush and Obama Administrations6. Edward Ashbee: Macroeconomic Policy and Processes of Neoliberalization during the Obama Years7. Richard Johnson: Racially Polarised Partisanship and the Obama Presidency8. Ursula Hackett: Offers and Throffers: Education Policy under Obama 9. Clodagh Harrington: Healthy Hunger-free Kids? The US School Lunch Revolution10. John C. Berg: Looking Back on Obama's Environmental Policy11. Alex Waddan: A New 'War on Poverty'? A Story of Policy Success, Frustration and Restraint12. Andrew Moran: Barack Obama and the Return of 'Declinism': Rebalancing American Foreign Policy in an Era of Multipolarity13. Steven Hurst: Obama and Iran: Explaining Policy Change14. Niels Bjerre-Poulsen: "Here, We See the Future:" The Obama Administration's Pivot to AsiaDean McSweeney: AfterwordAbout the Contributors
This edited volume considers the extent to which the Obama presidency matched the promises of hope and change that were held out in the 2008 election. Contributors assess the character of "change" and, within this context, survey the extent to which there was enduring change within particular policy areas, both domestic and foreign. The authors combine empirical detail with more speculative assessment of the limits and possibilities of change amidst a very dense institutional landscape and in an era of intense political polarization. Some see significant changes, the full consequences of which may only be evident in later years. Other authors in the collection present a markedly different picture and suggest that processes of change were not only limited and partial but at times leading the US in directions far removed from the promises of 2008. The book will make an important contribution to the debates about the Obama legacy.

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