Bernard Shaw's Bridges to Chinese Culture
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Bernard Shaw's Bridges to Chinese Culture

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Kay Li
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210x148x12 mm

Introduction: The Chinese Angles1. Introduction: Seeing and being seen from Chinese anglesI. Shaw and His Contemporaries: The Chinese Angle as Culturally Specific2. Seeing China: Shaw and his Contemporaries 3. How Strong is the Chinese Angle in China?  Bernard Shaw and the Chinese Last Emperor, Henry Pu-Yi Aisin-Gioro4. Evolution of a Chinese Angle: Mrs. Warren's Profession and the Development of Transnational Chinese Feminism5. Multiple Chinese Angles at Work: Sir Robert Ho Tung and Idlewild in Buoyant BillionsII. The Contemporaries of Shaw's Works: CHinese Angles as Multi-focal6. Celebrating the Chinese Angle: John Woo's My Fair Gentleman and the Evolution of Pygmalion in Contemporary China7. Viewing from Chinese Angles in Cinemas: Film Adaptations8. Chinese Angle as Multi-focal: The Nobel Laureates Bernard Shaw and Gao Xingjian 9. The Future Chinese Angles: Major Barbara on Wikipedia and Microblogs in China10. The Way Forward: Bernard Shaw's Bridges to Chinese Culture
This book explores the cultural bridges connecting George Bernard Shaw and his contemporaries, such as Charles Dickens and Arthur Miller, to China. Analyzing readings, adaptations, and connections of Shaw in China through the lens of Chinese culture, Li details the negotiations between the focused and culturally specific standpoints of eastern and western culture while also investigating the simultaneously diffused, multi-focal, and comprehensive perspectives that create strategic moments that favor cross-cultural readings.With sources ranging from Shaw's connections with his contemporaries in China to contemporary Chinese films and interpretations of Shaw in the digital space, Li relates the global impact of not only what Chinese lenses can reveal about Shaw's world, but how intercultural and interdisciplinary readings can shed new light on familiar and obscure works alike.

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