The Case for Terence Rattigan, Playwright

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John A. Bertolini
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One of the first book-length critical studies of Rattigan's workOffers comprehensive analyses of all of Rattigan's plays written for the stageContextualizes Rattigan's work in the broader history of playwright tradition
Preface.- Introduction. Terence Rattigan's Art of Understatement and Implication.- Chapter 1. French Without Tears.- Chapter 2. After the Dance.- Chapter 3. Flare Path.- Chapter 4. The Winslow Boy.- Chapter 5. The Comedies.- Chapter 6. The Browning Version.- Chapter 7. Adventure Story.- Chapter 8. The Deep Blue Sea.- Chapter 9. Separate Tables.- Chapter 10. Ross and Man and Boy.- Chapter 11. Bequest to the Nation.- Chapter 12. In Praise of Love.- Chapter 13. Cause Célèbre.
This book asserts the extraordinary quality of mid-twentieth century playwright Terence Rattigan's dramatic art and its basis in his use of subtext, implication, and understatement. By discussing every play in chronological order, the book also articulates the trajectory of Rattigan's darkening vision of the human potential for happiness from his earlier comedies through his final plays in which death appears as a longed for peace. New here is the exploration through close analysis of Rattigan's style of writing dialogue and speeches, and how that style expresses Rattigan's sense of life. Likewise, the book newly examines how Rattigan draws on sources in Greek and Roman history, literature, and myth, as well as how he invites comparison with the work of other playwrights, especially Bernard Shaw and Shakespeare. It will appeal broadly to college and university students studying dramatic literature, but also and especially to actors and directors, and the play-going, play-reading public.

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