Mentoring from a Positive Psychology Perspective

Learning for Mentors and Mentees
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Ann M. Brewer
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Puts the spotlight on the importance of relationships becoming positive and resilient Places mentoring firmly in positive psychology and takes it beyond that
Shows how relationships and creative pursuits provide a greater sense of meaningfulness and identity
Builds on the theme that learning through others is the future
Chapter 1. Mentoring Mindedness.- Chapter 2. Positive Mentoring: Learning to Shape and Nurture Talent and Confidence.- Chapter 3. The Mentoring Conversation.- Chapter 4. The Burden of Unburdening in Mentoring Relationship.- Chapter 5. Blame.- Chapter 6. Guilt.- Chapter 7. Silence and Giving voices to the Mentee.- Chapter 8. Attachment and Loyalty.- Chapter 9. Mentoring for All Seasons.- Chapter 10. Mentoring for Resilience and Sustainability.
This book examines the concept and practice of mentoring, as well as the wider scope and diversity of the mentoring that people can experience in their own life time. With each chapter dedicated to a specific level of mentoring, the book makes clear the impact and value of mentoring not only for the participants themselves but also on the situations in which mentoring occurs and the reverberations, positive and negative, on others outside this relationship. It shows the importance of relationships for people, individually and collectively and clarifies how relationships form the DNA for an inspiring, creative and professional life for the person and the community in which they engage. The book is about how support and skills can be transferred through mentoring to rebuild resilience through positive relationships and community; reconstructing them as we go.

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