Workplace Environmental Design in Architecture for Public Health

SpringerBriefs in Public Health
Impacts on Occupant Space Use and Physical Activity
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Enables readers to gain an overview of the challenges and opportunities that workplaces offer in increasing physical activity over the working day
9.1.2 Method to calculate E for a given trip
The questions and potential for solutions in Workplace Environmental Design in Architecture for Public Health will interest and inform researchers in interdisciplinary topics of public health and architecture as well as graduate and post-graduate students, architects, economists, managers, businesses as well as health-conscious readers.
Autor: Stamatina Th. Rassia
Stamatina Th. Rassia is an architect engineer holding a diploma in Architecture Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) in Greece. She has an MPhil in Environmental Design in Architecture and a PhD in Architecture from the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom. Dr. Rassia is an expert on topics of public health promotion by architectural design.

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Autor: Stamatina Th. Rassia
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ISBN: 3319534432
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