Mobility Patterns and Experiences of the Middle Classes in a Globalizing Age

The Anthropocene: Politik-Economics-Society-Science
The Case of Mexican Migrants in Australia
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Explores the case of Mexicans, a relatively new addition to Australian multiculturalism, thus providing useful information and insights beyond the existing, dry immigration statistics
Migration, middle class and globalisation.- Who is who? Demographic profile.- The immigration process and intentions: temporary or permanent?.- Reasons for migrating: Life decisions are multiple and complex - migration decisions even more so.- Ethnic and middle class identity of a new group of migrants.- Employment, income and class location.- Family and gender roles.- Leisure and friendship.- What will the future bring?.
The book presents insights from a mixed methodology study that examines recent mobility patterns exhibited by the middle classes. Its major contributions are two-fold: theoretically, it advances the conceptualisation of middle class migration; empirically, it analyses the migratory motivations of a relatively new Latin-American group in Australia. The accelerated insertion of the Mexican society into globalisation processes is strongly linked not only to the growing participation in migration phenomena but also to people's outflow to new destinations. Although studies of Mexican emigration are vast, research on Mexican skilled migration is scarce, and research that focuses on mobility to non-USA destinations is even scarcer. Mexicans are a relatively new addition to Australia's multicultural society, and little is known about this group's profile and why they choose to migrate to Australia. Employing a mixed methodology approach, the book provides a comprehensive portrait of migration in a new group.

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