Novel Functional Materials Based on Cellulose

SpringerBriefs in Applied Sciences and Technology
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Offers a timely report on the advances in the field of cellulose
Introduction.- New eco-friendly processes for functionalization of cellulose-based materials.- Novel regenerated cellulose materials.- Functional composites based on cellulose.- Nanocellulose based materials.- Novel cellulose derivatives and their applications.- Outlook.
This Brief presents a review of new eco-friendly processes, design and applications for novel cellulose-based materials, including regenerated materials, composites, nanocellulose and cellulose derivatives. Application of these materials in smart textiles, packaging, energy storage, sensors, gas separations, tissue engineering and drug release are highlighted.
Autor: Haisong Qi
Haisong Qi is a Professor at the State Key Laboratory of Pulp & Paper Engineering, School of Light industry Science and Engineering, South China University of Technology. His research is focused on bio-based materials and functional materials. His publications in the field of cellulose science include solvents for cellulose, chemical modification of cellulose and novel functional composites based on cellulose.

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Autor: Haisong Qi
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