Modelling Human Behaviour in Landscapes

Quantitative Archaeology and Archaeological Modelling
Basic Concepts and Modelling Elements
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Provides a comprehensive overview of basic modelling techniques
Includes open source software codes and data from real projects

Discusses the emergence and development of modelling in archaeology
Chapter 1:Introduction and Mathematics.- Chapter 2: Theory of Modelling.- Chapter 3: Software.- Chapter 4: Density.- Chapter 5: Regression and Interpolation.- Chapter 6: Location and Characterisation.- Chapter 7: Point Pattern.- Chapter 8: Boundaries.- Chapter 9: Networks.- Chapter 10: Interaction.- Chapter 11: Perception of Landscapes.- Chapter 12: Simulations.
This volume is designed as a 12-lecture textbook, which can serve as a course companion, self teaching guide and handbook for basic concepts. Each lecture comprises 20 pages, in which the methods are introduced, examples shown and the code is given. All examples are computed with open source software, mainly R, and with archaeological data available from the book's website.
Autor: Oliver Nakoinz, Daniel Knitter
Oliver Nakoinz

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Autor: Oliver Nakoinz
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