CT Colonography for Radiographers

A Guide to Performance and Image Interpretation
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Specifically meets the needs of radiographers and radiography students
This book explains every aspect of the role of radiographers in performing CT colonography (CTC) and interpreting CTC images with the aim of enabling radiographers to extend the scope of their practice. It provides all the information required with respect to procurement of informed consent, principles of CT and radiation dose, patient preparation and positioning, the use of contrast media, the performance of diagnostic and screening CTC studies, and the interpretation and reporting of images. A wide range of CTC findings are described and depicted, covering normal anatomy, artifacts, hemorrhoids, polyps, colon cancer, diverticular disease, lipomas, and extracolonic structures. In addition, a chapter focusing on self-assessment of image interpretation will aid learning. The rising number of CTC studies for colon disorders is adding to an already burdened radiology workload. To reduce this workload, radiographers will increasingly be given responsibility to carry out CTC examinations and this book will provide the support that they need in order to perform CTC studies to the standard required.
Editiert von: Joel Harold Bortz, Aarthi Ramlaul, Leonie Munro
Joel Harold Bortz, LSG Imaging, Beverly Hills, CA, USA

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Autor: Joel Harold Bortz
ISBN-13 :: 9783319293776
ISBN: 331929377X
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