Challenges in Automation, Robotics and Measurement Techniques

440, Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
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Recent research in automation, robotics and measuring techniques
Results of the International Conference AUTOMATION 2016 held 2 - 4 March, 2016 in Warsaw, Poland

Focuses on industrial applications of automation, robotization and monitoring
Part I Control
and Automation.- Part
II Robotics.- Part III Measuring
Techniques and Systems.
book presents the set of papers accepted for presentation at the International
Conference Automation, held in Warsaw, 2-4
March of 2016. It presents the research results presented by top experts in the
fields of industrial automation, control, robotics and measurement techniques. Each
chapter presents a thorough analysis of a specific technical problem which is usually
followed by numerical analysis, simulation, and description of results of
implementation of the solution of a real world problem. The presented
theoretical results, practical solutions and guidelines will be valuable for
both researchers working in the area of engineering sciences and for
practitioners solving industrial problems.

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