Sustainable Water Management in Urban Environments

47, Handbook of Environmental Chemistry
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A comprehensive review
Integrated Urban Water Management:
Improve Efficient Water Management and Climate Change Resilience in Cities.- Carbon
Footprint of Water Consumption in Urban Environments: Mitigation Strategies.- Reclaimed
Water Use and Energy Consumption: Case Study in Hotel Industry, Beijing.- Urban
Stormwater Management: Evolution of Process and Technology.- Stream Restoration
in Urban Environments: Concept, Design
Principles and Case Studies of Stream Daylighting.- Sustainable Water
Management in Green Roofs.- Modern Urban Rainwater Harvesting Systems: Design,
Case Studies, Impacts.-Irrigating Urban Agriculture with Harvested Rainwater:
Case Study in Roanoke, Virginia, USA.- Urban wastewater for sustainable urban
agriculture and water management in developing countries.- Urban Water
Management Challenges in Developing Countries: The Middle East and North Africa
This volume focuses on practical aspects of sustainable water management in urban
areas and presents a discussion of key concepts, methodologies, and case
studies of innovative and evolving technologies. Topics include: (1) challenges
in urban water resiliency; (2) water and energy nexus; (3) integrated urban
water management; and (4) water reuse options (black water, gray water,
rainwater). This volume serves as a useful reference for students and
researchers involved in holistic approaches to water management, and as a
valuable guide to experts in governmental agencies as well as planners and
engineers concerned with sustainable water management systems in urban

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