Rhodolith/Maerl Beds: A Global Perspective

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This engaging book synthesizes the current state of knowledge on a globally significant ecosystem
Section I. The Role of Rhodolith/maerl Beds in Modern Oceans.- Natural History of Rhodolith/maerl Beds: Their Role in Near-shore Biodiversity and Management.- Coralline Algae as Recorders of Past Climatic and Environmental Conditions.- Effects of Ocean Warming and Acidification on Rhodolith/maerl beds.- Economic Importance of Coralline Carbonates.- Section II. The Role of Rhodolith/maerl Beds in Historical Oceans. - Rhodoliths and Rhodolith Beds in the Rock Record.- Re-Sedimented Rhodoliths in Channelized Depositional Systems.- Neogene Rhodoliths in the Mediterranean Basins.- Oligocene Rhodolith Beds in the Central Mediterranean Area.- Taphonomic Range and Sedimentary Dynamics of Modern and Fossil Rhodolith Beds: Macaronesian Realm (North Atlantic Ocean).- Section III. Conservation Status of Rhodolith/maerl at Major Ocean Basins.- North Atlantic.- Mediterranean Rhodolith Beds.- South Atlantic Rhodolith Beds: Latitudinal Distribution, Species Composition, Structure and Ecosystem Functions, Threats and Conservation Status.- Eastern Pacific.- Western Pacific.- South Pacific.
Rhodolith beds are recognized internationally as a unique ecosystem, and they are the focus of this interdisciplinary book. These marine beds occur worldwide, from the tropics to the poles, ranging in depth from intertidal to deep subtidal habitats and they are also represented in extensive fossil deposits. In the light of international interest in rhodoliths and maerl concerning their role in coastal ecosystems and with respect to biodiversity, fisheries, and the production of sediment, this book provides the most comprehensive view possible. As readers will discover, rhodoliths/maerl are fundamental to a range of ecological processes, acting as ecosystem engineers including playing key roles in recruitment and providing nursery habitats. Rhodoliths/maerl have been used commercially in some parts of the world, and they are understood to be vulnerable to coastal modifications and human-induced change, and hence their status may serve as an indicator of ecosystem health. Rhodoliths/maerl contribute to global carbon budgets although the extent remains to be evaluated, as do the potential impacts of changing global climates and ocean acidification.

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