Time-Dependent Switched Discrete-Time Linear Systems: Control and Filtering

53, Studies in Systems, Decision and Control
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Presents recent research on control and filtering in time dependent switched discrete-time linear systems
Focuses on the basic control and filtering synthesis problems for discrete-time switched linear systems under four different typical switching signals

Mainly considers four types of time-dependent switching signals: the arbitrary switching with Zeno phenomenon excluded, dwell time switching, average dwell time switching, and persistent dwell time switching
Introduction.- Stability and Stabilization.- Performance Analysis.- Control.- Filtering.- Asynchronous Switched Systems: ADT Switching.- Time-Delay Switched Systems.
This book focuses on the basic control and filtering synthesis problems for discrete-time switched linear systems under time-dependent switching signals. Chapter 1, as an introduction of the book, gives the backgrounds and motivations of switched systems, the definitions of the typical time-dependent switching signals, the differences and links to other types of systems with hybrid characteristics and a literature review mainly on the control and filtering for the underlying systems. By summarizing the multiple Lyapunov-like functions (MLFs) approach in which different requirements on comparisons of Lyapunov function values at switching instants, a series of methodologies are developed for the issues on stability and stabilization, and l2-gain performance or tube-based robustness for l8 disturbance, respectively, in Chapters 2 and 3. Chapters 4 and 5 are devoted to the control and filtering problems for the time-dependent switched linear systems with either polytopic uncertainties or measurable time-varying parameters in different sense of disturbances. The asynchronous switching problem, where there is time lag between the switching of the currently activated system mode and the controller/filter to be designed, is investigated in Chapter 6. The systems with various time delays under typical time-dependent switching signals are addressed in Chapter 7.

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