Singularities and Computer Algebra

Festschrift for Gert-Martin Greuel on the Occasion of his 70th Birthday
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Brings together recent original research and survey articles by leading experts in singularity theory and computer algebra
Gert-Martin Greuel's work, Duco van Straten.- Divisor class groups of affine complete intersections, Helmut Hamm.- Rational plane quartics and K3 surfaces, Viktor Kulikov.- Remarks on the Lê-Greuel formula for the Milnor number, José Seade.- Bi-Lipschitz regular complex space are regular, Lê Dung Tráng.- Enumeration of real algebraic curves, Eugenii Shustin.- A real analytic cell complex for the braid group, Norbert A'Campo.- Old and new regarding the Seiberg-Witten invariant conjecture, Andras Nemethi.- Multiplication by f in the Jacobian algebra as bindings in the spectrum of a hypersurface with an isolated singularity, Xavier Gomez-Mont.- Marked singularities, their moduli spaces, and atlases of stokes data, Claus Hertling.- Depth and regularity of powers of sums of ideals, Ngô Vi¿t Trung.- Deforming non-normal isolated surface singularities, Jan Stevens.- Vanishing topology of Cohen-Macaulay codimension 2 3-folds, Anne Frühbis-Krüger.- Equisingular moduli of rational surface singularities, Jonathan Wahl.- Algebraic bubbling for vector bundles on surfaces, Günter Trautmann.- Recombination formulas for the spectrum of plane curve singularities, Dmitry Kerner.- Minors and categorical resolutions, Yuri Drozd.- Resolutions of cubical varieties, Joseph Steenbrink.- Hypersurfaces with 1-dimensional singularities, Dirk Siersma.- Higher order Euler characteristics, their generalizations and generating series, Sabir Gusein-Zade.- Torsion free sheaves on degenerate elliptic curves and the classical Yang-Baxter equation, Igor Burban.- Normal lattice polytopes, Winfried Bruns.- Möbius strips, knots, pentagons, polyhedra and the SURFER, Stephan Klaus.- Computational D-module theory and singularities, Viktor Levandovskyy.- Orbifold zeta functions for dual invertible polynomials, Wolfgang Ebeling.- Polarity maps, singular subschemes, and applications, Antonio Campillo.- Parallelisation in Singular, Hans Schönemann.- Milnor number, discriminant and unfolding of isolated singularities in positive characteristic, Duc Nguyen.
This book arose from a conference on "Singularities and Computer Algebra" which was held at the Pfalz-Akademie Lambrecht in June 2015 in honor of Gert-Martin Greuel's 70th birthday. This unique volume presents a collection of recent original research by some of the leading figures in singularity theory on a broad range of topics including topological and algebraic aspects, classification problems, deformation theory and resolution of singularities. At the same time, the articles highlight a variety of techniques, ranging from theoretical methods to practical tools from computer algebra.
Editiert von: Wolfram Decker, Gerhard Pfister, Mathias Schulze
Wolfram Decker is a professor in the Department of Mathematics at the TU Kaiserslautern, Germany.

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Autor: Wolfram Decker
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