Perioperative Medicine - Current Controversies

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Covers all
aspects of perioperative medicine from preoperative assessment to patient
6. Enhanced recovery for colorectal surgery; Fawcett WJ.
This book addresses those aspects of anaesthetic
practice in perioperative medicine which have a significant impact on both the
immediate and the long-term outcome for the surgical patient. Perioperative
Medicine is the natural evolution of anaesthesia from a main focus on the
patient in the operating room to a responsibility for the care of the patient
from the time that the decision to operate is made, through to discharge from
hospital. The contributors, well-respected authors in their field, discuss the
role of the perioperative medicine specialist in areas ranging from
pre-operative assessment and physiological optimization via pre-habilitation,
to intra-operative anaesthetic management, and post-operative care.
Controversial topics discussed include fluid therapy, anaesthesia and cancer
outcomes, pharmacological management of cardiac risk, and the evolution of
acute to chronic pain. Developments in regional anaesthesia, quality of
recovery scoring, and lung ultrasound, are described.
Editiert von: Karen Stuart-Smith
Karen Stuart-Smith wasborn and raised in Glasgow, Scotland, and graduated in Physiology and Medicine
from the University of Glasgow. She is a Fellow of the Royal College of
Anaesthetists and has enjoyed a long career as a clinical anaesthetist. Early
training in cardiorespiratory research led to an enthusiasm for applying
scientific methodology to clinical practice, and she is also a passionate
believer in the role of clinical audit in assessing the quality of patient
care. Karen presently resides in New Zealand, where she continues to practice
as an anaesthetist and enjoys the outdoor lifestyle in her spare time.

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