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Complex Predicates in Oceanic Languages

Studies in the Dynamics of Binding and Boundness
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Isabelle Bril
29, Empirical Approaches to Language Typology
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Serial verbs and complex predicates have a long history of research, yet there is comparatively little documentation on Oceanic languages. This volume presents new data for further typological studies.
List of ContributorsIntroductionComplex nuclei in Oceanic languages: contribution to an areal typology Isabelle Bril · What do we really know about serial verb constructions in Austronesian and Papuan languages? Gunter Senft · Core-layer junctures in Saliba (Saliba Island, Milne Bay province of Papua New Guinea) Anna Margetts · Serial and Complex Verb Constructions in Teop (North Bougainville) Jessika Reinig · Chains of freedom: Constraints and creativity in the macro-verb strategies of Mwotlap (Vanuatu) Alexandre François · Serial and compound verbs in Anejoü (Vanuatu) John Lynch · Complex verb constructions and dependency-marking strategies in Nêlêmwa (New Caledonia) Isabelle Bril · Complex predicate constructions in East Uvean (Wallis) Claire Moyse-Faurie · Serial verbs and complex constructions in Pileni (Solomon Islands): Åshild Næss · Complex predicates in Tahitian: a particular case of qualitative modification Mirose Paia and Jacques Vernaudon · Complex predicates and Juxtapositional Constructions in Samoan Ulrike Mosel · The grammaticization of directional verbs in Oceanic languages Malcolm Ross ·The evolution of the verb 'take' in New Caledonian languages Françoise Ozanne-Rivierre · Verbal compounds and lexical prefixes in the languages of New Caledonia Françoise Ozanne-Rivierre and Jean-Claude RivierreReferencesIndex

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