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The European Company - all over Europe

A state-by-state account of the introduction of the European Company
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Krzysztof Oplustil
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On 8 October 2004, the Council Regulation (EC) No. 2157/2001 on the Statute for the European Company (SE) will enter into force. In order to make the SE a functional instrument for entrepreneurs and investors, as well as to ensure the effective application of European law, it is necessary to pass national implementation measures by then. National legislators have the opportunity as well as the challenge to shape, in some respect, a national model of the SE which would be attractive for investors and would influence their decision as to where the company be located. Thus, the coming into force of the SE-Regulation will also give "the starting shot" for the competition between national legislators with regard to the law of the European Company.
Austria (Arlt/Grechenig/Kalss) · Belgium (van der Elst) · Czech Republic (Pelikánová/Cech) · Denmark (Friis Hansen) · France (Colombani) · Germany (Teichmann) · Greece (Perakis) · Hungary (Kozma) · Ireland (Fanning) · Italy (Pernazza/Allotti) · The Netherlands (Huizinga/Meinema) · Poland (Oplustil/Rachwal/Sokolowski) · Portugal (Pinto Duarte) · Spain (Muñoz-Paredes) · Sweden (Dejmek) · United Kingdom (Edbury)

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