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Deformation Quantization

Proceedings of the Meeting of Theoretical Physicists and Mathematicians, Strasbourg, May 31 - June 2, 2001 / Rencontre entre physiciens théoriciens et mathématiciens, Strasbourg, 31 mai - 2 juin 2001
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Gilles Halbout
1, Lectures in Mathematics and Theoretical Physics
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This book contains eleven refereed research papers on deformation quantization by leading experts in the respective fields. These contributions are based on talks presented on the occasion of the meeting between mathematicians and theoretical physicists held in Strasbourg in May 2001.
Gilles Halbout: Deformation quantization, methods and applications to open problems · Giuseppe Dito and Daniel Sternheimer: Deformation quantization: genisis and metamorphoses · Giuseppe Dito: Asymptotic quantum electrodynamics · Boris Fedosov: On the trace density in deformation quantization · Daniel Arnaudon, Jean Avan, Luc Frappat and Eric Ragoucy: Deformed double Yangians and quasi-Hopf algebras · Stefan Waldmann: On the representation theory of deformation quantization · Claude Roger: Unimodular fields and deformation quantization · Christian Frønsdal: Harrison cohomology and abelian deformation quantization on algebraic varieties · Louis Boutet de Monvel: Related semi-classical and Toeplitz algebras · Alberto S. Cattaneo, Giovani Felder and Adriano Tomassini: Fedosov connections on jet bundles and deformation quantization · Dimitry Tamarkin: Deformation theory of Hopf algebras

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