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Exploring Translation and Multilingual Text Production

Beyond Content
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Erich Steiner
3, Text, Translation, Computational Processing
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The series serves to propagate investigations into language usage, especially with respect to computational support. This includes all forms of text handling activity, not only interlingual translations, but also conversions carried out in response to different communicative tasks. Among the major topics are problems of text transfer and the interplay between human and machine activities.
Part I: Theoretical Orientation M.A.K. Halliday: Towards a theory of good translation M. Gregory: What can linguistics learn from translation? C. Matthiessen: The environments of translation Part II: Modeling Translation J. House: How do we know when a translation is good? E. Steiner: Intralingual and interlingual versions of a text - how specific is the notion of translation E. Teich: Towards a model for the description of cross-linguistic divergence and commonality in translation C. Yallop: The construction of equivalence Part III: Working with translation and multilingual texts: computational and didactic projects S. Shore: Teaching translation C. Taylor & A. Baldry: Computer assisted text analysis and translation a functional approach in the analysis and translation of advertising texts A. Hartley & C. Paris: Translation, controlled languages, generation

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