The German-Hebrew Dialogue

6, Perspectives on Jewish Texts and Contexts
Studies of Encounter and Exchange
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Perspectives on Jewish Texts and Contexts focuses on the Jewish textual tradition as well as the ways it evolves in response to new intellectual, historical, social and political contexts. Fostering dialogue between literary, philosophical, political and religious perspectives, this series, which consists of original scholarship and proceedings of international conferences, reflects contemporary concerns of Jewish Studies in the broadest sense.
In the wake of World War II and the Holocaust, it seemed there was no place for German in Israel and no trace of Hebrew in Germany - the two languages and their cultures appeared as divergent as the directions of their scripts. Yet when placed side by side on opposing pages, German and Hebrew converge in the middle. Comprised of essays on literature, history, philosophy, and the visual and performing arts, this volume explores the mutual influence of two linguistic cultures long held as separate or even as diametrically opposed. From Moses Mendelssohn's arrival in Berlin in 1748 to the recent wave of Israeli migration to Berlin, the essays gathered here shed new light on the painful yet productive relationship between modern German and Hebrew cultures.
Editiert von: Amir Eshel, Rachel Seelig
Amir Eshel, Stanford University, USA; Rachel Seelig, The University of Toronto, Canada.

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