Communication and Power Engineering

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Communication and Power Engineering are the proceedings of the joint International conferences organized by IDES in the year 2016. The aim of these conference proceedings is to bringing together the researchers, scientists, engineers, and scholar students in all areas of Computer Science, Power Engineering, Electrical & Electronics and provides an international forum for the dissemination of original research results, new ideas and practical development experiences, focused on both theory and practices. The conference deals with the frontier topics in the Computer Science, Electrical and Electronics Engineering subjects.The Institute of Doctors Engineers and Scientists - IDES is formed to promote, and organize technical research Meetings, Conference, Discussions, Seminars, Workshops, Study tours, Industry visits; and to publish professional Journals, Magazines and Newsletters; and to carry on research and development on the above fields; and to research, design, and develop products or materials and projects.
There are total 35 research papers included in this book covering all the frontier topics in Computer Science, Electrical and Electronics Engineering subjects. The authors of each chapter are researchers from various universities.
Handwritten Script Identification from Text Lines
A Rule based Approach for Noun Phrase Extraction from English Text Document
Recommending Investors using Association Rule Mining for Crowd Funding Projects
Colour Texture Classification Using Anisotropic Diffusion and Wavelet Transform
Competitive Advantage of using Differential Evolution Algorithm for Software Effort Estimation
Comparative Analysis of Cepstral analysis and Autocorrelation Method for Gender Classification
A Simulative Study on Effects of Sensing Parameters on Cognitive Radio's Performance
Analysis of Cyclotomic Fast Fourier Transform by Gate level Delay Method
Dynamic Resource Allocation in Next Generation Networks using FARIMA Time Series Model
Classification of Mimetite Spectral Signatures using Orthogonal Subspace Projection with Complex Wavelet Filter Bank based Dimensionality Reduction
An Illumination Invariant Face Recognition Approach based on Fourier Spectrum
Optimal Load Frequency Controller for a Deregulated Reheat Thermal Power System
Design and Implementation of a Heuristic Approximation Algorithm for Multicast Routing in Optical Networks
Infrastructure Management Services Toolkit
A Novel Approach for Residential Society Maintenance Problem for Better Human Life
Smart Suspect Vehicle Surveillance System
Formal Performance Analysis of Web Servers using an SMT Solver and a Web Framework
Modified GCC Compiler Pass for Thread-Level Speculation by Modifying the Window Size using Openmp
Overview and Evaluation of an IoT Product for Application Development
A TCP in CR-MANET with Unstable Bandwidth
Impact of Digital Ecosystem on Business Environment
A Two-Factor Single Use Password Scheme
Design & Implementation of Wireless System for Cochlear Devices
Software Code Clone Detection and Removal using Program Dependence Graphs
Social Sentimental Analytics using Big Data Tools
Predicting Flight Delay using ANN with Multi-core Map Reduce Framework
New Network Overlay Solution for Complete Networking Virtualization
Review upon Distributed Facts Hard Drive Schemes throughout Wireless Sensor Communities
Detection of Rapid Eye Movement Behaviour Sleep Disorder using Time and Frequency Analysis of EEG Signal
Applied on C4-A1 Channel
Analysis of PV/ WIND/ FUEL CELL Hybrid System Interconnected With Electrical Util
Editiert von: Rajesh R. Kundapur, B. Mathivanan
R. Rajesh, Central University of Kerala, India; B. Mathivanan, Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College, India

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Autor: Rajesh R. Kundapur
ISBN-13 :: 9783110468601
ISBN: 3110468603
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.10.2016
Verlag: Gruyter, Walter de GmbH
Gewicht: 585g
Seiten: 386
Sprache: Englisch
Sonstiges: Taschenbuch, 228x154x25 mm, 250 Schwarz-Weiß- und 150 farbige Abbildungen, 100 Schwarz-Weiß- Tabellen
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