Plotinus and African Concepts of Evil

703, Europäische Hochschulschriften (Reihe 20): Philosophie / Philosophy
Perspectives in multi-cultural Philosophy
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Contents: Plotinus and African Views of the Problem of Evil in the World - The Understanding of Evil in the World-View of the Enneads - Evil in the Enneads with Particular Emphasis on I 8[51] - The Conception of Human Nature and Evil in the Enneads - «The End of the Journey» - Prospect for Multi-Cultural Philosophy - The Nso' World-View and Identification of Concepts of Evil - Evil in the Nso' World: A Further Consideration - Human Nature and Evil - Concepts of Evil in Plotinus and the Nso': Comparisons.
This book explores the concepts of evil in the world-views of Plotinus and the Nso' people of Cameroon. The author analyzes the theories of the natural structure and social organization of these views of the world. He stresses the importance of comparing Plotinus and African philosophy. The book offers a proper appreciation of fundamental differences, parallels and similarities and seeks to build on shared values and common existential concerns in the world-views of Plotinus and the Nso'. This book highlights the assumption that the world understood in terms of its wider dimensions is not a purposeless conglomerate of phenomena and events that bear no relation to each other, but is rather a structured whole, defined by hierarchy and order.
Autor: Christian Mofor
The Author: Christian Mofor was born in 1957 in Cameroon. He studied Philosophy and Theology at St. Thomas Aquinas' Major Seminary (STAMS) in Bambui, affiliate of the Pontifical Urban University in Rome, and was ordained a priest for the Archdiocese of Bamenda. After further studies and doctoral research in Philosophy at the University of Fribourg in Switzerland he obtained a Ph.D. in 1998. He taught History of Ancient Philosophy, Logic, Philosophical Anthropology, Philosophy of Religion, African Traditional Religion and Methodology of Studies and Scientific Research in Bambui, and was appointed as Rector of the Catholic University of Central Africa/Catholic Institute Yaounde. He is Lecturer in the History of Ancient Philosophy, Neoplatonism and Medieval Philosophy, and African Philosophy.

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Autor: Christian Mofor
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