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Summary: Business Plan in a Day

Review and Analysis of Abrams' Book
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This work offers a summary of "Business Plan in a Day: Get it Done Right, Get it Done Fast!" by Rhonda Abrams.In Business Plan in a Day, Rhonda Abrams defines 9 key components of a great business plan. She guides the reader along each step. According to her, if you gather everything you'll need in advance, it should only take you about 24-hours of work to put together a great business plan. Even better, those 24-hours don't really need to be consecutive.All in all, despite the fact you may be pressured to develop a plan so you can raise a loan, interest an investor or secure other resources to start or expand your business, the process of developing your business plan is highly beneficial. Your business plan is your own personalized roadmap to future success. According to Abrams, taking the time and effort to flesh out that roadmap cannot be a bad thing. As Rhonda Abrams puts it, "an effective business plan saves you time and money by focusing your business activities. It can give you control over your finances, marketing, and daily operations. Your business plan is a powerful document telling the story of your company. It presents your current position, your vision for the future, and your plans for realizing that vision."

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