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Summary: Work Smarter Not Harder

Review and Analysis of Collis and Leboeuf's Book
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This work offers a summary of the book "WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER: 12 Theories of How To Work Smarter" by Jack Collis & Michael Leboeuf.Working smarter, not harder is about achieving more with less effort, making every day count and simply enjoying your life and all the opportunities it offers. Working smarter is also a new attitude to work. When you work smarter, you make better use of your time and energies - consequently, you're happier and more productive. By making the most of your business time, you optimize your personal satisfaction level - and free up more time for non-work activities of your choice.Effective people intuitively or instinctively learn how to work smarter. They are not necessarily in possession of special skills or even any insider secrets - they simply know how to apply the practical techniques of working smarter, and therefore realize above average results.In other words, working smarter is about achieving the greatest possible return on your investment of time and energy in your business career or your life as a whole. This compelling book holds the key to the holy grail most people are avidly searching for - how to get more done while spending less time and energy.

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