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Summary: Work Like Your Dog

Review and Analysis of Weinstein and Barber's Book
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This work offers a summary of the book "WORK LIKE YOUR DOG: Fifty Ways to Work Less, Play More and Earn More" by Matt Weinstein and Luke Barber.In Work Like Your Dog, Matt Weinstein and Luke Barber argue that to be more productive at work, you need to blend in as much fun as you can find. According to the authors, it is when people can't tell the difference between what's fun to do and what's work, that they've hit just the right balance. Human beings work best and most efficiently if they enjoy what they're doing, and if they have fun while getting everything accomplished. In this area, humans should take a lesson from the ways dogs work - with passion, enthusiasm, excitement, energy and joy. The main idea conveyed in Work Like Your Dog is that, if you bring those same elements together in work projects, and if you integrate the work attitudes and habits of the canine world, you'll create an unstoppable powerhouse of achievements. This inspiring message will be useful to all people wishing to be both successful and happy, and wishing to find an efficient way of making their work personally very fulfilling.

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