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Summary: Wise Investing Made Simple

Review and Analysis of Swedroe's Book
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This work is a summary of the book "WISE INVESTING MADE SIMPLE: Larry Swedroe's Tales to Enrich Your Future" by Larry Swedroe.In Wise Investing Made Simple, Larry Swedroe exposes how investing is chock full of myths and incorrect perceptions, wrapped up in an awful lot of hype. He advises the reader to ignore all of that and claims that if you genuinely want to make money, you should become a passive investor. He advises investors to put their investment capital into index or mutual funds which reflect the value of the entire stock market. According to the author, this is the only winning investment strategy there is."The way to invest smartly today is by building a globally diversified portfolio of passively managed funds and staying the course, ignoring the noise of the market and the investment propaganda put out by Wall Street and the financial media. Wall Street and the financial media want to keep alive the myth that active investing is the winning strategy. Thus, they fight extremely hard to keep the myths and legends about investing alive. My goal is to kill the legends by exposing them as myths", says L. Swedroe.Wise Investing Made Simple is definitely wise guidance on how to invest successfully on Wall Street.

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