Don't Break Your Heart Cookbook: Reduced Sodium Recipes for a Healthy Heart - Flavoring Food with Herbs, Spices, and Fresh Wholesome Ingredients

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Learn how to select, cook and flavor your food for heart healthy, delicious meals the whole family will enjoy.
Autor: Shara Aaron MS Rd, Monica Bearden Rd LD
Shara Aaron, MS, RD and Monica Bearden, RD are dietitians with years of experience communicating about health, wellness and food, as well as researching the cardiovascular benefits of foods and beverages. They regularly appear as guests on television and radio shows, as well as provide expert opinions in print media. In addition, they co-wrote The Baby Fat Diet and Chocolate - A Healthy Passion and are owners of NutCom, LLC, Nutrition Communications.

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Autor: Shara Aaron MS Rd
ISBN-13 :: 9781937994143
ISBN: 1937994147
Erscheinungsjahr: 20.03.2013
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Sprache: Englisch
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