Photographer's Guide to the Sony Rx1r II

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This book is a complete guide to using the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX1R II camera. With this book, author Alexander White provides users of the RX1R II with a manual covering all aspects of the camera's operation. Using a tutorial-like approach, the book shows beginning and intermediate photographers how to accomplish things with this premium full-frame camera, and explains when and why to use the camera's many features. The book provides details about the camera's shooting modes as well as its menu options for shooting, playback, setup, and special effects. The book covers all of the features of the RX1R II, including its variable low pass filter, fast autofocus system, HD video recording, and features for continuous shooting. The book includes more than 450 color photographs that illustrate the camera's controls, display screens, and menus. The images provide examples of photographs taken using the RX1R II's Scene mode, with settings optimized for subjects such as landscapes, sunsets, portraits, and action shots; and the Creative Style and Picture Effect menu options, with settings for altering the appearance of images. The book also provides introductions to topics such as street photography, astrophotography, and digiscoping. It includes a full discussion of the video features of the RX1R II, which can shoot HD movies with manual control of exposure and focus during movie recording. In three appendices, the book discusses accessories for the RX1R II, including cases, power sources, remote controls, and external flash units, and includes a list of websites and other resources for further information. The book includes an appendix with "quick tips" on how to take advantage of the camera's features in the most efficient ways possible. This guide to the RX1R II includes a detailed index, so the reader can quickly find needed information about any particular feature or aspect of the camera.

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Autor: Alexander S. White
ISBN-13 :: 9781937986490
ISBN: 1937986497
Erscheinungsjahr: 26.02.2016
Gewicht: 898g
Seiten: 240
Sprache: Englisch
Sonstiges: Taschenbuch, 282x217x22 mm
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