A Commentary on the Architecture of the North Acropolis, Tikal, Guatemala--Additions and Alterations: Tikal Report 34a [With CD-ROM]

34A, Tikal Reports
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A comprehensive series of reconstructed views rendered in colors approximating the original finishes of polished plaster and paint, with 42 different stages of development in three-dimensional form, show what the Acropolis looked like at various times from ca. 330 BCE to CE 600. On an accompanying CD-ROM 112 color plates include constructions of individual structures and some photos of Acropolis fabric at the time of excavation and consolidation. The text accompanying the color plates provides a rationale for the sequences illustrated and an interpretation of ancient Maya intentions in developing the architectural forms that were found, including ideas of rulership and monumental architecture.

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Autor: H. Stanley Loten
ISBN-13 :: 9781931707985
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Erscheinungsjahr: 01.06.2007
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