Miscellaneous Investigations in Central Tikal: Tikal Report 23a

23, Tikal Reports
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The Great Maya center of Tikal in Guatemala is famous for its well-preserved architecture. This book presents detailed descriptions of a selection of unexcavated standing structures in the forests around the site center that complement the Museum's Architectural Survey conducted from 1960 to 1970. The survey produced measured drawings--plans, sections, elevations, and details--supplemented by descriptive text and quantitative tables for each structure. All structures are vaulted, and some are major works.TR 23 A is the primary record of important parts of Tikal's urban landscape, with clear, precise, and usable architectural analyses for Mayanists, archaeologists, art historians, architectural historians, urbanists, and those interested in construction techniques and in uses of Maya buildings.
Autor: H. Stanley Loten
H. Stanley Loten is Professor of Architecture at Carleton University.

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Autor: H. Stanley Loten
ISBN-13 :: 9781931707398
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