The History of the Prince of Wales's Theatre, London, 1771-1903

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1 Tottenham Court Fair, New Rooms in Tottenham Street, Concerts of Ancient Music and The Pic-Nic Society, 1717 - 1809 2 The Beverly management and Les Soirees francaises, 1810 - 1828 3 The licensing laws, managers in distress and the insatiable demand for variety, 1829 - 1839 4 The Charles J. James management: melodrama, pantomime, nautical drama, the dogs and American novelties, 1839 - 1865 5 The Prince of Wales's Theatre and the Bancroft legacy: artistry and antimacassars, 1865 - 1880 6  Edgar Bruce: The Colonel and the closure, 1880 - 1882 Epilogue: General Booth, but no salvation, 1885 - 1903
This book gives a detailed account of the hundreds of artists who appeared at the playhouse as well as recording the notable variety of productions on the playbills. As a closely focused history of a single venue over more than a century, it adds invaluably to our knowledge of London theatre history.
Autor: Richard L. Lorenzen
Richard L. Lorenzen taught in the School of Drama at the University of Washington, Seattle, where he also served as Divisional Dean for the Arts and Humanities and Vice Provost for Educational Outreach. He went on to be Dean of the School of Continuing Studies and Associate Provost at Northwestern University. He lives in Olympia, Washington.

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Autor: Richard L. Lorenzen
ISBN-13 :: 9781909291225
ISBN: 1909291226
Verlag: University of Hertfordshire Press
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