Hadrian's Wall

Archaeological research by English Heritage 1976-2000
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Contents Contributors Abbreviations Acknowledgements Summary Resume Zusammenfassung 1 Introduction: English Heritage research work on Hadrian's Wall 1976-2000 Tony Wilmott Documentation 2 A nineteenth century condition survey of Hadrian's Wall: the James Irwin Coates archive, 1877-1896 Alan Whitworth 3 Charles Anderson and the consolidation of Hadrian's Wall Alan Whitworth The linear frontier and interval structures 4 Four investigations of the linear elements of Hadrian's Frontier works, 1980-2000 Tony Wilmott and Julian Bennett 5 The Hadrian's Wall Milecastles Project 1999-2000 Tony Wilmott The Forts 6 Excavations at the Hadrian's Wall fort of Birdoswald (Banna), Cumbria: 1996-2000 Tony Wilmott, Hilary Cool and Jerry Evans 7 Excavations at the Hadrian's Wall fort of Bowness on Solway (Maia), Cumbria: 1988 Paul Austen Appendices Appendix 1 Archaeological interventions by CEU, CAS and CfA on Hadrian's Wall, 1976-2000 Tony Wilmott and Paul Austen Appendix 2 The Vallum at Limestone Corner Brenda Heywood Appendix 3 Pollen and plant remains: data tables Appendix 4 Charles Anderson: data tables Appendix 5 Birdoswald pottery form occurrence table and Samian catalogue References Index
From 1976 to 2000 English Heritage archaeologists undertook excavation and research on Hadrian's Wall. This book reports on these findings and includes the first publication, of the James Irwin Coates archive of drawings of Hadrian' Wall made in 1877-96.

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