The Fighting Tudors

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Explores England's strategies for survival, and shows how military action to defend the throne became a sophisticated propoganda tool. This book traces the great battles of Tudor reigns and reveals their public and private impact upon individual monarchs.
Autor: David Loades
David Loades is Professor Emeritus at the University of Wales, and Associate of the Centre for Early Modern History at the University of Oxford and Honorary Research Professor at the University of Sheffield. A leading authority on Tudor England, he is also a well known and popular writer on its key personalities and events. He has a particular interest in the Tudor navy and has written on several of the period's monarchs and statesmen. Recent books include Henry VIII: Court, Church and Conflict and Princes of Wales; Royal heirs in waiting, both for The National Archives, as well as The Life and Career of William Paulet ( 2008) and (with Eamon Duffy) The Church of Mary Tudor (2006).

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Autor: David Loades
ISBN-13 :: 9781905615520
ISBN: 1905615523
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