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Climb aboard one of His Majesty's ships, circa 1930, pull up the gangplank, and prepare to experience galley life at sea. Enjoy the arcane practices, no-nonsense instructions, and a wealth of period recipes from an era when the map was painted red and 'empire builders' were not just a pair of shorts. A compendium of carefully chosen excerpts from the Royal Navy's manual of cookery (1930, this book will sweep you back to a world of kidney, kedgeree and proper puddings. Learn how to avoid the dangers of 'bone taint' and 'fly-blown meat'. Discover what to do with a 'steam chest' and how to work an; Aldershot overn'. Once equipped with the right kind of know-how from the Miss Jean Brodie of ship's cookery, you will be in tip-top shape to delve into the recipes on offer...

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ISBN-13 :: 9781905615094
ISBN: 1905615094
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