British Intelligence: Secrets, Spies and Sources

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While others have speculated on the history and nature of the British intelligence services, this is the first to tell the story through the documents themselves. Only ten years ago, access to these original sources would have been impossible. Now experts - Stephen Twigge and Graham Macklin draw on the spies'and the spymasters'own words as contained in the National Archives'intelligence holdings. Historical narrative is interwoven with colourful tales from the past that highlight some of the great successes - and failures - along the way. And readers who want to discover more through the sources themselves are given all the help they need.
Introduction; 1. Domestic Intelligence - MI5; 2. International Intelligence; 3. The Special Operations Executive; 4. Military Intelligence; 5. Naval Intelligence; 6. Air and Satellite Intelligence; 7. Scientific Intelligence; 8. Communications Intelligence; Conclusion: Intelligence in a Changing World
Drawing on the once secret records of the MI5, essential reading for all those interested in 20th Century intelligence, politics and history
Autor: E. Hampshire, G. Macklin, S. Twigge
Stephen Twigge is Official Historian at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and a former Head of Academic and Archival Services at the National Archives. He has written widely on nuclear history and international relations. Edward Hampshire is a Modern Records Specialist at the National Archives, specialising in defence and diplomatic records. He took a history degree at Magdalene College, Oxford, and holds a PhD on British naval policy from King's College, London. Graham Macklin is an Honorary Research Fellow at Parkes Institute, University of Southampton, and the author of Neville Chamberlain (2006).

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Autor: E. Hampshire
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