The Canadian Kings of Repertoire: The Story of the Marks Brothers

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Foreword; How Are You Going to Keep Them Down on The Farm?: 1876 to 1882; Establishing Roots in Lanark County; Canada Beckons: 1882; Tom Marks: A Keen Eye for Business and a Flair for Comedy; Exit Emma: Enter May A. Bell; Robert William Marks: Larger Than Life King of Repertoire; Life on the Road; Perils of the Stage: But the Show Must Go On; Honing Talent Over the Years; The End of An Era; Index.
A phenomenal success on the vaudeville circuit, the Marks Brothers of Christie Lake, Ontario, performed throughout the late nineteenth century and into the 1920s.
Autor: Michael V. Taylor
Michael V Taylor

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Autor: Michael V. Taylor
ISBN-13 :: 9781896219769
ISBN: 1896219764
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