Times Tables to 12

Multiplication Unplugged
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Multiplication Unplugged was a Teacher's Choice Award nominee. The catchy melodies, drill and student involvement make multiplication tables to twelve very easy to follow. These songs also teach skip counting. So, not only do students learn all of their timetables, they can count by 6's, 7's, and even 12's with no problem! This audio CD and lyrics/activity book kit is perfect for earlier grades as a primer and for later grades as a resource and review. This is a very memorable collection of 12 multiplication teaching songs, plus a complement of 12 "self quizzing" tracks. The lyrics/activity book (which may be reproduced by the teacher for classroom use) includes over a dozen activity sheets.

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Autor: Sara Jordan
ISBN-13 :: 9781895523751
ISBN: 1895523753
Verlag: Jordan Music Productions
Gewicht: 214g
Seiten: 48
Sprache: Englisch
Sonstiges: Sonstige Video, 285x175x28 mm, colour photos & illus
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