Peter Punk: Developing Self-Esteem, Citizenship, Pshe and Literacy Skills in the Literacy Hour for Key Stages 1 and 2

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Introduction and Background
Lesson 1: This is Me!
Lesson 2: I Can
Lesson 3: Moving On
Lesson 4: Good Manners
Lesson 5: Organising Myself
Lesson 6: Feeling Good At
Lesson 7: Taking Turns
Lesson 8: Special Jobs 1
Lesson 9: Special Jobs 2
Lesson 10: Rule Breakers
Lesson 11: My Special Skills
Lesson 12: How Do I Look?
Lesson 13: Where Am I Now?
Lesson 14: How Do Others See Me?
Lesson 15: Writing Home
Lesson 16: Feeling Good When
Lesson 17: Feeling Facts
Lesson 18: Being a Friend
Lesson 19: Dealing with Difference
Lesson 20: Someone I Love
Lesson 21: Someone Who Loves Me
Lesson 22: You are a STAR!
Lesson 23: I am a STAR!
Lesson 24: Getting Stronger
Lesson 25: This is Me!
This programme provides the resources to teach and reinforce social and emotional skills during the daily Literacy Hour. Each lesson has the appropriate text level objectives for each school term, Years 2-6, with lesson learning intentions, stories, questions, comprehensive teacher notes, differentiated activity sheets, follow-up suggestions, cross-curricular links and plenary questions/statements.
Autor: Sian Deane, Tina Rae
Tina Rae specializes in social, emotional and behavioral disorders and difficulties. She has undertaken research in the areas of engagement and disaffection with learning in young people, debriefing following critical incidents, attachment disorders, emotional well being and the psychological assessment of young offenders. Rae is experienced in assessing children and young people with respect to learning difficulties, emotional well being and relationships with carers. She is a registered member of the Health Professions Council and a full member of the British Psychological Society. She is currently a Professional and Academic tutor on the Doctorate in Child and Educational Psychology at UEL. Tina is a member of the SEBDA executive and council and a member of ENSEC. With 68 publications to date, she has written extensively on topics such as well-being, attachment, resilience, emotional literacy, behavioural problems, anger and stress management, critical incidents, cognitive behavioural therapy, motivational interviewing, solution focused brief therapy, loss and bereavement in young people, youth offending and social skills development.

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Autor: Sian Deane
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