School Survival: Helping Students Survive and Succeed in Secondary School

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Concept 1
Looking for the Best Possible Outcome
Concept 2
Looking at Behaviour - Teaching the Students to Analyse and Reflect
Concept 3
Using Targets
Concept 4
Being Cool in School
Concept 5
It's not Fair
Concept 6
Power to the Pupil
Concept 7
Don't Tell Me, Show Me
Concept 8
It's for Real - Getting the Talk into the Classroom
Concept 9
Using the School Discipline Structure as a Framework
Concept 10
Working with a Model
This book aims to support teachers in increasing their own understanding of the difficulties that some students experience in coping with school, particularly in the area of behaviour.

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Autor: Chris Wardle
ISBN-13 :: 9781873942291
ISBN: 187394229X
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.01.2002
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