An Introduction to the Buraku Issue: Questions and Answers

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Does discrimination against the Buraku still exist?; is there an easy path to understanding anti-Buraku prejudice?; if people would just forget about it for a while, wouldn't discrimination go away? the Buraku live in their own little clusters - is this the reason that they are discriminated against?; the Censure Committee; discriminatory graffiti and correspondence; discriminatory surveys, regulations and laws; fundamental law on Buraku liberation; the relationship between anti-Buraku discrimination and international treaties.
Developed as a question-and-answer field research report into the status of Buraku people in Japan today, this text also looks at the wider issues of prejudice as found within Japanese society, from old people to women, ethnicity and nationality.

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Autor: Suehiro Kitaguchi
ISBN-13 :: 9781873410837
ISBN: 1873410832
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.02.1999
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