Classic Political Clangers: An Amusing Collection of Politics Most Embarrassing Moments from Over a Century

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This highly entertaining collection of true stories features tales of political ineptitude, scandal, blunder, and impropriety. For every politician trying to climb the slippery slope of success, there are half a dozen sliding down it. Whether it's Britain's Profumo-Keeler affair of the supposedly Swinging Sixties or Bill Clinton's "views" of Monica Lewinsky, you're bound to find some of your favorite political blunders. From assassination attempts to smear, innuendo, and infidelity, this book is an amusing compendium of those red-faced moments politicians would rather forget.
Autor: David Mortimer
David Mortimer's pedigree for searching out the moments when it all went wrong springs in the first instance from a failure to master any position on a rugby pitch, despite trying most of them. This enabled him to recognise a hundred and one ways of throwing a match away, and from this position of authority he has since dispensed lungfuls of good advice from the safety of the touchline.

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Autor: David Mortimer
ISBN-13 :: 9781861059291
ISBN: 1861059299
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Seiten: 153
Sprache: Englisch
Sonstiges: Taschenbuch, 216x142x13 mm

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