The Neutrophils: New Outlook for Old Ce

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Dmitry I. Gabrilovich
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Molecular basis of neutrophil activation, D. English; the respiratory burst of neutrophils - oxidative pathways for the initiation of tissue damage at sites of inflammation, J.W. Heinecke; mechanism of leukocyte accumulation in postischemic tissues - role of oxygen free radicals, J.L. Zweier; regulation of neutrophil functions by fatty acids, A. Ferrante et al; production of cytokines by polymorphonuclear neutrophils, M.A. Cassatella; neutrophils and apoptosis, N.F. Fanning et al; neutrophil migration and methods for its in vitro study, A. Rot; diagnostic evaluation of neutrophil function, G. Virella; neutrophils in viral infections, R.L. Roberts; use of colony-stimulating factors for treatment of neutropenia and infectious diseases, D.C. Dale and S. Nelson; neutrophil transfusion therapy, R.G. Strauss.
This invaluable volume, written by group of internationally established scientists, present an overview of the most recent findings on the biology of neutrophils. These cells have become a focus of attention in recent years because of their fascinating biochemistry and molecular biology and their ability to affect the function of other cells. The book describes, in detail, the molecular events leading to neutrophil activation, migration, microbial killing, production of oxidative radicals and cytokines, and eventually to the death of these cells. It presents new information that has never been discussed in monographs before. It also gives a unique overview of the neutrophil's role in vital diseases, including Aids. Finally, the book describes how to improve the function of neutrophils and use these cells in the treatment of diseases.

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