Rochford: A History

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Rochford for centuries was the most important town in the area, giving this name to the Rochford Hundred. When South-End was a mere hamlet on the outskirts of Prittlewell, Rochford was a rich farming community, with fertile land, probably the best oysters in England, and rapid river transport to London.
Autor: Mavis Sipple
Mavis Sipple has lived in or near Rochford since earliest childhood. Tracing her family history led to her interest in local history and to her discovery of many fascinating local traditions and unusual objects on which she wrote articles published in various magazines, including "Essex Countryside" and "The Lady"; and three books on Essex history, folklore, and traditions. A member of the Leigh Society and a helper at the Heritage Museum, Mavis takes a keen interest in Rochford's community and is a member of the town's W.I. and of the Rochford Historical Society.

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Autor: Mavis Sipple
ISBN-13 :: 9781860773105
ISBN: 1860773109
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.01.2004
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