Norfolk in the First World War

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What was life for Norfolk people during the First World War? The book sets out to answer that question, largely through contemporary sources: letters, diaries and journals, together with a wide range of visual material. It looks at life on the battlefronts throughout the world, as well as men serving at sea and in the air. It focuses on the home front, too, and the widening contribution of women, both in such traditional roles as nursing and in a vast of other occupations.

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Autor: Frank Meeres
ISBN-13 :: 9781860772900
ISBN: 1860772900
Erscheinungsjahr: 04.10.2008
Verlag: The History Press Ltd
Gewicht: 694g
Seiten: 128
Sprache: Englisch
Sonstiges: Buch, 252x173x20 mm, 150ill.
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